Premier Mining Products is pleased to introduce the latest addition to its product offering. The C100 Water and Solids Separator is simple, smart, and sized for core drilling. It delivers over 95% fluid recovery and solids separation to efficiently capture and reduce waste disposal volumes.

Water is a critical component of every drilling operation, but its use can have a costly impact. Many drill sites restrict the volume of water used from local sources, so limiting the amount of water used and wasted on site becomes a critical consideration when planning a project. The cumbersome and inefficient use of settling pits, sumps and tanks on a typical core drilling site is becoming a barrier to running an efficient and compliant operation.

Our water and solids separator is compact yet powerful enough to handle the demands of a typical core drilling operation by processing the required volumes of drilling fluids efficiently, and maximizing solids separation.

Download C100 Water and Solids Separator Flyer

Custom built C100 Decanter Centrifuge incorporating an S750 Shale Shaker